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Frequently Asked Questions

What fueling methods does the Arsenal ZERO™ program cover?
Arsenal ZERO™ applies to all fueling methods – bulk fuel, mobile refueling, card locks, and retail purchases. The program also covers any fuel source – diesel, gasoline, natural gas, biofuels, and more. 

How does carbon offsetting work?
The Arsenal ZERO™ program does all the heavy lifting for you and automatically calculates your diesel fuel's emissions and required offsets. In sourcing our carbon offsets, we make sure they follow our strict standards of being additional, quantified, and verified by independent third parties and registered on the APX or Markit registry or similar registries. This ensures the carbon offset we purchase is retired on your behalf, not being double counted by other offsetters.

What projects qualify as an offset project? Does location of the project matter scientifically?
There are many different types of projects that qualify as an offset project. Potential offset projects include, but are not limited to, the following: acid gas injection, energy efficiency, recycling, aerobic composting, fuel switching, reduced deforestation, anaerobic waste water treatment, hydro energy, reduced till agriculture, biomass production and usage, industrial recycling project, reforestation, biomass energy, intermodal transportation, sequestration, CO2 injection, landfill gas capture and flare, waste diversion, cogeneration, methane venting reduction, wind energy, electricity generation, nitrous oxide abatement from nitric acid production, zero till cropping, energy conservation, no till agriculture, and more. Project location does not matter as it relates to reducing CO2e from the atmosphere. However, project location is relevant to consumers and stakeholders; thus when possible, we attempt to localize our efforts as much as possible to where the fuel was purchased by supporting carbon reduction projects from The Arbor Day Foundation. The project specific offset standards dictate the methodology involved in each type of project.

What do I need to do?
You do not have to do anything. We do all the work of calculating your diesel fuel's emissions and automatically investing in the proportionate amount of carbon reduction projects to offset your emissions.

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