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A simple way to reduce your CO2 emissions and support planting trees, produce alternative energy, and invest in other carbon reduction projects.
About Arsenal ZERO
Arsenal ZERO™ is a turnkey sustainability program. This program, in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, automatically and significantly reduces your diesel emissions no matter how you emit them – backup generators, vehicle emissions, on-site refueling, and more – through proportionate investments in projects that sequester CO2e from the atmosphere, making your diesel emission-free! 

Sustainability for Every Gallon You Burn

Datacenter Generators
Municipalities and Civil Services
Bulk Fuel
Vehicle Leasing
and Fleets
Retail Refueling


  • Competitive Differentiator
  • Low Cost and Easy to Implement
  • Turnkey Sustainability
  • No Capital Expense
  • Utilizes existing Fuel, Vehicles, and Hardware
  • Advances Overall Sustainability Goals 
  • Build Goodwill with Clients
  • Win New Clients through Innovation and Thought Leadership


The Arsenal ZERO™ Reduced Emissions Diesel program invests in many projects that not only reduce CO2, but also help to provide habitats for wildlife, clean landfills, and develop local parks and recreational space for people to enjoy. Each new tree we plant can remove up to 225kg of CO2 in its lifetime!

Alternative Energy
Solar Power
Local Tree Plantings
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